Characteristics of “HITACHINaka Proto Labolatory”

“HITACHInaka Proto Labolatory” undertakes trial manufacture prototyping required for monozukuri.

  1. Established an office in Torrance, Los Angeles County
  2. High technical strength cultivated in Japanese manufacturing industry
  3. Request quotation and order of trial manufacture on-line

Flow from quotation to delivery

  1. Attach a document from the website and request an estimate
  2. The “Hinakanaka Techno Center”, which manages the site, assigns the “consignment company” that is the best for the technology for which the quotation was requested.
  3. We will present a quote from the “contracted company” to the client by email
  4. Negotiate details between the client and the “contractor” and formally accept the order
  5. Manufacture at a “trusted company”
  6. Delivery of manufactured products to the client by transportation
  7. Send “Paypal” payment email to requester
  8. The requester pays with “Paypal” after receiving the product